Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by Chris F.A. Johnson, Apress, 2005, 448 Pages

Some scripts in this book are taken from the hundreds I've written over the past 15 years, while others were written specifically for this book. I carefully selected each not only to demonstrate the breadth of problems that can be solved with shell scripts, but also to illustrate as many scripting techniques as possible.

I hope this book will help you solve the many problems illustrated by these scripts, and also encourage and help you to write your own.

Table of Contents

  1. The POSIX Shell and Command-Line Utilities
  2. Playing with Files: Viewing, Manipulating, and Editing Text Files
  3. String Briefs
  4. What's in a Word?
  5. Scripting by Numbers
  6. Loose Names Sink Scripts: Bringing Sanity to Filenames
  7. Treading a Righteous PATH
  8. The Dating Game (Sample chapter)
  9. Good Housekeeping: Monitoring and Tidying Up File Systems
  10. POP Goes the E-Mail
  11. PostScript: More Than an Afterthought
  12. Screen Manipulation:
  13. Backing Up the Drive
  14. Aging, archiving and deleting files
  15. Covering All Your Databases
  16. Home on the Web
  17. Taking Care of Business
  18. Random Acts of Scripting
  19. A Smorgasbord of Scripts
  20. Script development management
Detailed Table of Contents


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Chapter 8: The Dating Game


Blane Warrene:
For some time I have considered myself quite adept on the command line. That was until Chris Johnson’s Shell Scripting Recipes (Apress) landed on my desk.
Johnson has written a book that is perfect for the person who has studied the basics and now wants to start applying their knowledge.
Tony Lawrence
Chris writes shell scripts where I would automatically use Perl because of the complexity.

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