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How to vote for directors

After the closing of in-person nominations at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), if the number of nominations (online plus in-person) exceeds the available seats, an election takes place by secret ballot (paper ballots).  Otherwise, there is no election — the meeting appoints directors by motion.

Who can vote

To vote, you must be a registered and authenticated member of Toronto Free-Net.  You need not be subscribed to a paid TFN service.

Proof of identity

To collect your vote, we need your TFN memberID (aka your email username, eg aa123) and your full name (for error checking).  If you don't remember your memberID, contact the TFN office before the AGM.  They can look it up for you.  Time permitting, TFN staff can also do this at the AGM, for most IDs.

At the AGM, if no TFN staff recognize you by sight, you must also show proof of identity (eg your driver's license or an utility bill in your name).

How many votes

You get one vote per available seat.  It is ok to cast fewer votes or to leave your ballot entirely blank.  The votes you don't use will be counted and reported as blanks.

How to vote

Write, in capital letters on a plain piece of paper, the name of each candidate whom you support.  Don't write more names than the number of available seats — that would spoil your ballot.

Put the piece of paper in the ballot box.

If you have any questions during this part of the AGM, just ask.  The chief returning officer (CRO) is there to help.

Election results

Once everyone at the AGM has voted, the CRO counts the votes and announces the results.  Within a day, the results are posted on the website.

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