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How to run for TFN's board of directors

Every year, the terms of two or three TFN directors come to an end.  At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), we choose their replacements.  If you are ready for a director's responsibilities, follow the steps below.

Before the AGM

Announce your candidacy

If you want, you can announce your candidacy during the nomination period preceding the AGM.  To do that, email the necessary information to the CRO.  At this address:

cro (as usual, at

The CRO will email you a reply, at the address which you gave.  This lets us confirm that you were the one who sent the message and that you are indeed standing for election.  Once you reply back, your details will be added to the list of candidates.

The CRO needs the following information:

Publish your platform

To campaign before the AGM, use your registered URL.  Publish a blurb that describes yourself and your views on TFN.  Here is an example.

If you are a TFN member, you can publish in your own webspace.  See the help page on webspace.  Alternatively, the CRO can publish your blurb for you but, then, you won't be able to update it on your own.

At the AGM

Get nominated

Besides yourself, one other person must support your candidacy.
You can either accept a nomination from someone else, or you can nominate yourself and let someone else second your nomination.


At the AGM, once you are nominated, you will have a chance to speak and to answer questions from members, in person.

Get elected

Hopefully ;-).

Schedule meetings

At the end of the AGM, if the members chose you, then:

Note that the board meeting which follows the AGM will appoint new officers (or reappoint existing ones).  The last board's officers continue to serve until then.

After the AGM

Appoint officers

At the first board meeting following the AGM, the directors appoint 3 officers: president, treasurer, secretary.

The TFN board usually chooses officers from its own ranks.  For the president, this is required2.  The other officer positions, legally speaking, can be filled by any TFN member3.

If you are prepared to undertake an officer's responsibilities in addition to being a director, say so at that board meeting.  At least one other person must support your candidacy, same as when you ran for the board (see above).


  1. We require that directors be members, adults, and solvent:
    bylaw #1, paragraph 19.

  2. The province of Ontario requires that our president be a director:
    Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.38, "PART VII, CORPORATIONS, GENERAL", paragraphs 289.(1) and 291.(1)

  3. We require that all officers be TFN members:
    bylaw #1, paragraph 39.

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