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Staff profile: Iain Calder

Iain is an information & communications technology consultant with a background in software design, network management, and systems administration.

He has extensive experience in designing tool chains for process automation, code generation, and version control, in managing and securing networks, and in architecting and administering secure multiuser unix servers.  He works primarily with unix, Linux, and cisco equipment, and writes software primarily in C, Bourne, AWK, and Perl, and with related tools such as make, lex, and sed.

Iain has been in the field of information & communications technology for over 25 years and began working with TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) in the late 1980s, not long before the web boom that made the Internet a common word.  He has worked for companies in the industries of Internet service, electronic markets, and computer manufacturing.  Currently, he freelances, helping companies to deploy, manage, and customize free software solutions, and to define, optimize, and document business processes.  He also lectures on technology topics.

At Toronto Free-Net, Iain wears many hats.  Primarily, he coordinates TFN's volunteers and projects, helps steer TFN's growth, and sets the specifications for TFN's software and hardware infrastructure.

His interests include community network development, HTML generation and optimization, (fiscal) accounting systems, and marketing.

Iain is an alumnus of York University in Toronto (B.Sc. computer science). 

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