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Acceptable use policy
The intent of this document is to set official policy on what is and is not acceptable use of the TFN system by its members. Your comments are welcomed.

Note: There are two parts to this document. The first is the actual policy document while the subsequent posting will be more like a FAQ

Acceptable use policy
           Acceptable use policy with spam policy incorporated.

                     TFN acceptable use policy
         Violation/unacceptable use of the System by TFN members will
         result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of


 All users are expected to behave responsibly and with consideration for
 other users at all times.  The Acceptable Use Policy clarifies what
 the Board of Directors deems reasonable use of the Free-Net system:

 1.  Use of Toronto Free-Net to gain unauthorized access
     to the Free-Net system or to gain unauthorized access to other
     systems is prohibited.

 2.  Accounts are for the use of the registered member only.
     a) All material placed on the rRee-Net is the responsibility
        of the user or organization that mounted it.
     b) Users are solely responsible for all activities traced to the
        users account.

 3.  Sending unsolicited e-mail and/or posting inappropriately to
     newsgroups (spamming) is not acceptable. (i.e. Do not send junk
     mail, solicitations, chain letters, or cross-post excessively to
     multiple newsgroups!)

 4.  Information shall be provided in a non-intrusive manner.
     a)  Users shall have the opportunity for feedback to all information
         providers and users who mount information on the system.
     b)  The Toronto Free-Net does not vet e-mail or
         information in advance of it being put on the system.

 5.  Businesses may make use of the Free-Net as a way to locate
     themselves on the Internet. Businesses are encouraged to mount
     information of interest to the public about themselves and their

     a) Direct paid or broadcast advertising or information containing
        only catalogue listings and pricing are not acceptable uses.
        i) Non-profit organizations may provide information as to
           membership fees, publications, and entrance fees.

     b) The Free-Net reserves the right to either levy extra fees or
        disable (but not delete or modify) pages where the demand for
        that page impacts the Free-Net Systems ability to handle the
        systems regular workload.

     c) A specific contact person must be identified as being responsible
        for information by the business in order for the account to be

 6.  Any use of the Free-Net for unlawful purposes is prohibited.

 7.  In accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act, copying of any data or
     information from the Free-Net (other than that which is directed
     to a specific person or group of persons, i.e. e-mail, conferences),
     without permission of the originator is prohibited. The provider may
     indicate this permission within its information.

 1. Complaints Procedure:

   Where users of the Toronto Free-Net have questions or
   complaints relating to The Acceptable Use Policy, the
   Toronto Free-Net shall provide a means for arbitration.

   a)  TFN members may forward complaints of violations of the Acceptable
       Use Policy and/or Acceptable Information to the Executive Director.
   b)  Complaints against TFN members may also be received from users or
       Administrators of other systems.

 2. First Complaint:
   i. The TFN user will be contacted by the Executive Director who will
      indicate that a complaint has been received over an action of the

  ii. The TFN member will be asked to explain his/her activity related
      to the complaint.

 iii. If the explanation is not accepted by the Executive Director the
      member will be informed that he/she has violated the TFN Acceptable
      Use Policy.

  iv. The TFN member will be informed that his/her account will be
      suspended until he/she signs a statement indicating that he/she has
      read the TFN Acceptable Use Policy, and understands the
      consequences of a repeat occurrence.

 3.  Second Complaint:
     A second violation of the TFN User Agreement Policy by a member
     may result in the revocation of membership privileges and/or
     termination of the account.

 4.  Legal Liability
     Under the circumstance where information/action of a TFN member
     exposes The Toronto Free-Net to legal
     liability the Executive Director shall review the offending
     information and may immediately remove (but not modify) the
     information on the System.

 5.  Appeal Process

     a)  The TFN member may request a review of the decision by the
         Executive Director.
     b)  Any interested person shall have the right to appeal the
         Executive Director's decision to the TFN Disciplinary Committee.

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