[TFN-announce] TFN on CityTV Thursday Aug 28 / New Packages

TFN Executive Director execdir@torfree.net
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 23:47:29 -0400 (EDT)

Dear TFN Members,

Toronto Free-Net will be featured in a short spot on the 6pm CityTV news
on Thursday Aug 28. If you aren't able to catch it live, I'm told that the
video clip will be linked at
http://www.pulse24.com/News/Newserials/page.asp under "Jee-Yun Lee's Back
To School Bargains"

"Plus" plans improved ---------------------------------------------

In September TFN is on a membership drive to share the significant costs
in running the operation amongst more members and also to provide better
service. If you know of a way to spread the word that TFN provides good
Internet service at low cost, please do!

To add more value to our packages:

-the price on the Unlimited plan is now reduced to $20/month and $192/year

-the offpeak/onpeak changeover time for "plus" packages has been extended
  from 8am to 9am so that earlybirds can get another hour online before
  onpeak hours (which will now be 9am to 12 midnight) will start counting.

-our most popular plan, 422plus, now gets 6 hours after midnight and the
  same timebanking ability to save unused time over 2 days. 442plus
  will feel even more like the Unlimited package for most people. As
  before, the rolling 2 day timebanking utility for extended onpeak day
  and evening usage still allows for more than 4 hours every 2 days.

-2plus gets an extra offpeak hour to make it 3 hours after midnight
  during offpeak hours. During onpeak hours, daily quota remains at 2

-1plus remains the same except for the changeover time. By the way, 1plus
  is still the best deal in Toronto for $5/month Internet access!

-as before short sessions are still available after you've used your daily
  time quota to allow checking for, and then responding offline to urgent

For a summary of our plans see:


Also in case you didn't know, TFN now offers DSL High Speed service with a
static IP address and a generous transfer quota. You can share your
connection and costs as well as run servers with a permanent address on
the Internet from your home or office (while still being able to talk on
your phone line!). See http://www.tfnet.ca for details. If Bell is able to
provide DSL to yuor home or business, TFN can too.

That's about it for now. More improvements and services will be available

Ken McCracken

   Ken McCracken, Executive Director     Toronto Free-Net Inc.
                                         600 Bay Street, Suite 406
                                         Toronto, M5G 1M6
                                         416 204 9257