Using Popmail

Popmail refers to an Internet standard called pop3. Popmail allows you to read and reply to email while disconnected to TFN's phone lines. It is a good thing to be disconnected from the phone lines when you do not need them. Our 56K digital phone lines are one of the main costs that TFN must pay for to get more people online. Using popmail will reduce the cost of TFN tiered-access memberships for everyone.

TFN currently will support popmail "clients" such as Pegasus or Netscape Mail Composer, and Mozilla. Microsoft Outlook Express (which is the email client that comes with Windows 95 and above) is popular but has been associated with spreading of viruses to the recipients of your mail. You can download the well documented Pegasus here which supports even older DOS and Windows 3.1, or you can download Netscape here which an integrated system for web browsing, popmail and other web functions. Mozilla is another integrated system still under development and close to release for the general public. Email if you would like to document Mozilla's use.

Refer to the section "settings at a glance" on the previous page to set the Options or Preferences in your email client menus.