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AGM 2020 available board seats & candidates
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The TFN board consists of 8 directors whose terms are staggered.  Directors normally each serve a three-year term.  Every year, the seats of 3 directors come up for election (only 2 seats every third year).
Directors are free to run for re-election.

At some AGMs, the board has additional vacancies, for seats which became available in previous years.  Those seats are each available for their remaining time (1 or 2 years).
Each candidate runs for a specific term.

Seats available at this AGM

At this AGM, we need to fill 3 seats.  Their terms will last 3 years, ending at the 2023 AGM.
See the list of current directors.
NB: this AGM will fill the seats of directors whose terms were scheduled to end in Nov/2019.  The terms ending in "2020" don't end until Nov/2020.

Candidacies announced before the AGM

All email addresses below are unless another domain is specified.  Candidate names link to their web page(s).

Term   Candidate   Email address
(none yet)

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