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agm2016: board selection results

4 positions were available on the TFN Board.  By the closing of nominations at the AGM on 16 Nov 2016, exactly 4 persons were running, one for each position.  Thus, all nominees were acclaimed without election.

In the list below, directors are listed along with the calendar year of the AGM at which their term ends.

The 2016-2017 board of directors consists of:

Continuing from past years:

Until   Director
2017cx555 Boyd Ramsay
2017do645 Adam Holland
2018aa005 Colin McGregor
2018cq585 Lee MacNeill

Acclaimed this year:

Until   Director
2018do849 Anastasia Ionas
2019dl927 Mike Kaulbach
2019dn097 Iain Calder
2019dk377 Warren Miller

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