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agm2016: how the election will take place

After the closing of in-person nominations at the AGM, if the total number of nominations (online plus in-person) exceeds the available positions, an election will take place at the AGM using paper ballots.  Otherwise, the candidates will be acclaimed and there will be no election.

Who can vote.

To vote, you must be a registered and authenticated member of Toronto Free-Net.  If you have forgotten your TFN memberID (eg aa123), the TFN office can find it for you.  This can also be done at the AGM.

You need not be paying for a TFN service to exercise your right to vote.

How many votes.

Each candidate runs for a specific board seat.  You get one vote for each seat.  It is ok to not vote for some seats.  The votes you didn't use will be counted & reported as blanks.

AGM voting procedure.

To vote in person at the AGM, you must provide your TFN username (without password) and also your full name (for error checking).  If no one at the AGM recognizes you by sight, you will be asked for proof of identity (a driver's license or any utility bill with your name on it will do).

Write, in capital letters on a plain piece of paper, the name of each candidate you support.  You must name no more than one candidate for each available board seat.

Ballots will be placed in a box, and later entered into the electronic record.

Report of election results.

Once everyone at the AGM has voted, the votes will be counted.  The results be announced at the AGM and, soon after, on the website.

Appointment of officers.

At the next board meeting, the new directors will appoint 3 officers: president, treasurer, and secretary.  The TFN board usually chooses officers from its own ranks.  This is required for the position of president but the other positions can be filled by any TFN member.


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