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agm2012: available seats, term lengths, duties

Duties of directors.

As a group, the directors are responsible for wisely steering TFN.  Directors meet regularly to discuss issues, to delegate tasks, and to make policy decisions.  They also each undertake various tasks between meetings, such as administrative chores, research into issues, drafting of proposals, etc.  Directors are not paid.

Time commitment.

If you want to be a director, please be prepared to commit 16 or more hours per month on TFN business.

Directors must attend board meetings, they must read in advance the materials to be discussed at those meetings, they must keep up with email messages on the board's mailing list, and they must undertake at least one additional ongoing volunteer task at TFN.

The frequency of board meetings and the amount of preparatory reading and research depend on TFN's situation.  In times of need, directors must undertake large and urgent workloads.  In calm times, directors undertake work to buttress TFN against future needs.  Between the 2009 and 2010 AGMs, there were 15 board meetings.  They lasted from half an hour to 5 hours; 2 hours on average.  Preparatory readings were usually 2 printed pages, occasionally 30 pages.

Available seats & term lengths of directors.

The TFN board consists of 8 directors, whose terms are staggered.  Directors normally each serve a three-year term.  Every year, the seats of 3 directors come up for election (only 2 seats every third year).  Directors are free to run for re-election.

At this AGM, 4 seats need to be filled: two whose terms will last 2 years, ending at the 2014 AGM, and 2 whose terms will last 3 years, ending at the 2015 AGM.

Current directors whose terms end at this AGM:

Current directors whose terms will end at the 2013 AGM:

Current directors whose terms will end at the 2014 AGM:

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