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agm2010 -- online voting booth

Select up to 3 candidates from this list, then click "Submit":


John Q. Example
Bob Webless
Jim Not-yet-a-member
Michael Public


You have one vote for each of the 3 available seats on the board of directors.  You must choose no more than 3 candidates.  It is ok to choose fewer than 3.  If you cast a blank ballot, the system will record an abstention.

You can only vote:

from: Thursday,  18/Nov/2010 12:00
till: Wednesday, 24/Nov/2010 23:59.

If you try to vote outside that period, you will get an error message.  During the voting period, when you click the "Submit" button, you will be prompted for your username and password.  If your password is accepted, you will see a confirmation that your ballot was recorded.  If, instead, you see an error message that there was an authentication error, try voting again -- perhaps you mistyped your password.  If you seem to have forgotten your password, contact the office.

You get only one ballot.  Once you submit it, it is final; you cannot change it nor take it back.

For election-specific issues and questions, contact the Chief Returning Officer (cro as usual at

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