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agm2010 -- how the election will take place

After the closing of in-person nominations at the AGM, if the total number of nominations (online and in-person) exceeds the available positions, an election will take place online during the subsequent week.  Otherwise, all candidates will be acclaimed and there will be no election.

Election system.

The election method we will use is Sequential Proportional Approval Voting (SPAV).  Thorvald N. Thiele invented it over a century ago in Denmark.  It balances diversity with majority rule.

How many votes.

All candidates are listed individually on a web form.  You get 3 votes (one per available board seat) on one electronic ballot.  It is ok to use less than 3 votes.  Blank ballots are counted separately as abstentions.  Ballots are secret: it is impossible to find out for whom you voted; it is only possible to check whether you voted.

Where & how to vote.

To vote, you must have a valid TFN username (eg aa123) and password.  You need not be paying for any TFN service.

Vote by filling out a ballot online.  This works regardless of whether you use text-login, dialup PPP, DSL, or non-TFN access.  You can also vote from a terminal at the TFN office, during normal TFN office hours.

How ballots are counted.

Report of election results.

After the end of the online voting period, the votes will be counted and the results announced on the website.  The candidates who ran will additionally be notified of the election results by email.

Appointment of officers.

Once the new board members have been chosen, the board will meet and appoint 3 new officers: president, treasurer, and secretary.  The TFN board usually chooses officers from its own ranks.  For the president, that is required.  The other positions can be filled by any TFN member. 


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