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agm2010 -- call for nominations
From: agm-bounces
Reply-To: cro (Ryan Sarson)
To: all TFN members
Date: 4/Nov/2010  
Subject: Toronto Free-Net 2010 AGM

Dear member of Toronto Free-Net:

TFN's next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in room 304, Metro hall, 55 John St, on Wednesday, 17/Nov/2010, at 6 pm.  Some information is included below; for full details, see:


  * Thursday   4/Nov/2010 00:00  nominations open.
  * Tuesday   16/Nov/2010 23:59  online nominations closed.
  * Wednesday 17/Nov/2010 18:00-21:00  AGM & in-person nominations.
  * Thursday  18/Nov/2010 12:00  voting begins (unless candidates acclaimed).
  * Wednesday 24/Nov/2010 23:59  voting ends.
  * Friday    26/Nov/2010 12:00  votes counted, results published on website.
  * Sunday    28/Nov/2010 16:00  possible first meeting of new board.
                                 Probably every 3rd Wednesday thereafter.


This year, three seats on TFN's board of directors are up for election at the AGM.  Nominations can be submitted in person at the AGM or in advance by emailing the chief returning officer, Ryan Sarson.  Please direct all questions about the election, to him:

cro (as usual, at


To add items to the AGM agenda in advance of the meeting, please contact TFN's secretary, Boyd Ramsay:

tfn-secretary (as usual, at

For other inquiries, please contact the TFN office:


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