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election2009 -- available seats, term lengths, duties

Duties of directors.

As a group, the directors are responsible for wisely steering TFN.  Directors meet regularly to discuss issues, to delegate tasks, and to make decisions.  They also each undertake various tasks between meetings, such as administrative chores, research into issues, drafting of proposals, etc.  Directors are volunteers -- they are not payed.

Time commitment.

The frequency of meetings and the amount of work between meetings depend on TFN's situation.  In times of need, directors must undertake large and urgent workloads.  In times of calm, directors undertake work to buttress TFN against future needs.  You can expect at least one 2-hour meeting per month plus preparatory reading, as well as email discussion and additional volunteer workload.

Available seats & term lengths of directors.

Normally, the TFN board of directors has 8 members.  Directors each serve a 3-year term.  Every year, the seats of 3 directors come up for election (only 2 in some years).  Directors are free to run for re-election.

Since TFN has not had elections in almost a decade, all seats are now up for election.  We will repeat the process which was used when TFN first incorporated: we will elect 8 directors now; next year, 3 of these directors will vacate their seats; another 3 of the remaining 5 will do so in the subsequent year.  The ones who will thus vacate their seats early will either volunteer themselves before the nomination calls of subsequent years, or straws will be drawn amongst the directors elected now.

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