Iain Calder - TFN board candidacy

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About me

I have been in the IT (Information Technology) field for close to 25 years.  In the early days of the web boom, about the same time that TFN was being founded, I was a network and unix systems administrator at another ISP (Internet Service Provider).  I am self-employed, so I also know a thing or two about business.

I joined the TFN systems administration team 2 years ago.  Since last May, I am also the IS manager (IS = Information Systems).  In that role, I coordinate the technical volunteers, try to keep all existing technical infrastructure working, and try to keep technical projects moving forward.

This work is fulfilling in many ways.  I enjoy the technical aspects: TFN motivates me to stay on top of technologies that I would otherwise neglect and forget, in my current line of work.  Most of all, I enjoy helping people succeed, whether it is a volunteer mastering a new skill, or a new dialup user figuring out how to get connected.

If elected, I will be adding the board to my current volunteer commitments.  My objective is to help TFN overcome its present financial and other problems, to ensure that it can survive and thrive.

If you depend on the freenet for service, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the issues.  I have taken the time to present here the most important ones, as I see them.  If you disagree with me please let me know.  I am a good listener.  Perhaps we can find some common ground.  Either way, if you depend on the organization's longevity, please consider volunteering, even running for the board.  Being on the board doesn't require technical skills.  Just a willingness to work hard and to put the interests of the organization first.  If you can, please come to the AGM on Wednesday the 21st.  Bring your questions.


What needs doing

If elected, my priorities for the TFN board of directors are:

Past record

Contact me

Got a question?  Email me — I am user dn097.  Want everyone to see it?  Say so, and I will post it along with my answer:

If you want to talk in person, I will try to make the time to meet with you, perhaps at the TFN office or by phone.  But watch out!  I will probably try to get you to volunteer!