Dear Members of the Toronto Free-Net:

Having been a member of the Free-Net since 1994, I have many times worried that it might have to cease its operations due to
- financial constraints
- dwindling membership
- insufficient number of volunteers
- ineffective or absentee Board of Directors
- technical incompetence
- or any other unforeseen catastrophe (!)

Fortunately, the Free-Net is still with us. But for how long?

As the coming election to the Board of Directors is one of the very rare opportunities for a member to get actively involved in the affairs of the Free-Net, I have no hesitation whatsoever in putting my name forward as a candidate to the Board.

My wish is that a large number of TFN members also use this rare opportunity to become actively involved in the TFN, so as to make sure that the elected members represent a much larger and vibrant group of active members.

It is time, in my view, to relieve Ken McCracken of the sole responsibility which has been forced upon him by circumstances to shoulder alone and for many years the burden of 'running' the Free-Net.

Members running for office but not elected ought not consider this outcome as a personal defeat, as they shall have plenty of occasions to participate as volunteers in making the Free-Net a non-profit corporation one ought to be proud of.

It is certainly my intention to volunteer, elected or not, and so should all candidates.

Let's give our best efforts to the Toronto Free-Net, and... don't forget to vote! :-)

Claude Latrémouille
Toronto, Ontario
October 9, 2009

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