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election2009 -- how the election will take place

After the closing of in-person nominations at the AGM, if the total nominations (online and in-person) exceed the available positions, an election will begin.  Otherwise, all candidates will be acclaimed and there will be no election.


You can vote either on the web or at the AGM.  Hand-written paper ballots will be collected at the AGM.  The election will then continue online for 1 week, using a web form.  Election results will be reported on the day following the end of the online election.

How many votes.

You have 8 votes (one per available board position).  You must cast all your votes simultaneously, on 1 ballot.  Ballots are secret (it is impossible to identify for whom you voted; it is only possible to check whether you have voted).  Blank votes will be counted and reported along with the votes received by each candidate.

Online voting procedure.

This will be equally accessible to all members, regardless of whether they use text-login, dialup PPP, or non-dialup access methods (eg members who use terminals at a public library or who use HiSpeed).  You can also vote from a terminal at the TFN office, during TFN's usual office hours.

The only requirement for voting online is that you must have a TFN username (eg aa123) and password.  You need not be a user of a payed TFN access level.

The web form will present 8 fields and, for each of these, you will be able to pick any one candidate.  You can give more than one of your votes to the same candidate.  You can also leave fields blank, thus abstaining on some or all of your ballot choices.  Once you have made your choices, and clicked "submit", you will be prompted for your current username (eg aa123) and password.  If your password is accepted, your name will be recorded amongst those who have voted, and you will not be permitted to vote again.  Your ballot is final; you cannot change it or take it back.  Each of the votes from your ballot will be added to a file.  There will be no link between your identity and your ballot.

AGM voting procedure.

For voting in person at the AGM, you must provide your TFN username (no password) and also your full name (for error checking).  If no one present at the AGM recognizes you by sight, you will be asked for ID (any utility bill with your name on it will do).

On a plain piece of paper, write the names of all the candidates you support.  If giving more than 1 vote to any particular candidate, precede the candidate's name with the number of votes that you are giving to this candidate.  The total votes on your ballot must not exceed 8.  If your ballot has fewer than 8 votes, the absent votes will be counted as blanks.

Ballots will be placed in a container, and later entered into the electronic record.  With the possible exception of your using very recognizable stationary or handwriting, your ballot won't be identifiable.

The list of people who voted in person will be recorded into the voting system before the online election begins, so they will not be able to vote a second time.

Reporting of election results.

No running tally will be displayed during the election.  After the end of the online voting period, all votes will be tallied and the results announced on the website.

Appointment of officers.

The new board members will then meet and appoint 3 officers: president, treasurer, and secretary.  The TFN board usually appoints officers from its own ranks but it is free to appoint any willing TFN member.

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