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election2009 -- call for nominations

From: cro at
To: all TFN members
Date: 8/Oct/2009
Subject: AGM & call for nominations to Toronto Free-Net board of directors. 

Call for nominations:

Are you enthusiastic, committed, and a person who finishes what they start?  Do you have expertise in the following areas?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Toronto Free-Net wants you on its Board of Directors!  This board is responsible for establishing policy and oversight of Toronto Free-Net, as directed by the membership, and as such is responsible to the membership.

Eight (8) positions are available on the TFN Board.  For details, see:

Or email the Chief Returning Officer, Peri Didaskalou:

cro at



Toronto Free-Net's annual general meeting (AGM) will be held at Metro Hall, 55 John St, room 303, on Wednesday 21/Oct/2009 at 6:30pm.  To add items to the agenda in advance of the meeting, please contact TFN's president, Colin McGregor:

president at


Final nominations will be accepted in person at the AGM.

If there are more candidates than positions, hand-written paper ballots will be accepted at the AGM.  The election will continue online for the subsequent week.  The results will be announced on the day following the end of the election.

Voting will be secret.  Every member gets 1 ballot, containing 8 votes (one per available board position).  Blanks will be counted and reported too.  For further details, follow instructions for nominations above.


  * Thursday   8/Oct/2009 00:00  nominations open.
  * Tuesday   20/Oct/2009 23:59  online nominations closed.
  * Wednesday 21/Oct/2009 18:30-21:30  AGM & in-person nominations.
  * Thursday  22/Oct/2009 12:00  voting begins (unless acclamation).
  * Wednesday 28/Oct/2009 23:59  voting ends.
  * Friday    30/Oct/2009 16:00  votes counted, results published on website.

  * Monday     2/Nov/2009 19:00  possible first meeting of new board.
                                 (and every 1st Monday thereafter?)


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