Upgrading & renewing your TFN dialup access

The 1-year prices below include the prepaid discount. All prices below include taxes. They do not include a setup fee. Provided that your payment is received at the office before the expiration date for your current access level, you save on the setup fee.

HST: The government requires us to collect Harmonized Sales Tax on all service periods which extend sufficiently past 1/Jul/2010. Beginning with the second week of April 2010, even our shortest service period (3 months), extends sufficiently past July 1st to require us to pay HST. So we are now collecting HST on all payments except for those done by pre-authorized debit. Members paying by pre-authorized debit will make their first HST payment in June 2010.

Select access level and term length:
Basic:     Free!
Half-Plus: 3 months ($10.17) 6 months ($20.34) 1 year ($33.90)
1-Plus:    3 months ($16.95) 6 months ($33.90) 1 year ($56.55)
442-Plus:  3 months ($30.51) 6 months ($61.02) 1 year ($101.70)
Unlimited: 3 months ($44.07) 6 months ($88.14) 1 year ($146.85)

Select payment method:
 Credit card by phone
 Credit card via postal mail
 Cheque or money order via postal mail
 In person (cash/cheque/credit/debit)

(generates a form letter which you can attach to your payment)

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